United fuckers market

Welcome to the United Fuckers Market, a vibrant and lively theme camp established at Burning Man. Inspired by the bustling and energetic atmosphere of international markets, our camp offers a unique space for Burners to connect, share, and explore. We invite you to dive into our diverse offerings and immerse yourself in a world of creative experiences, all while embracing the ten principles of Burning Man.

UFM camp within a HUB that offers various interactive experiences such as the Aphrodisiac Dining Experience, LED Shibari Night Experience/Workshop, Crazy Fortune Cookie Bar, and Asian Music and Stand-up Comedy. The camp is focused on sustainability and resource-sharing, with a commitment to zero-emission practices, including solar power generation. The camp was founded by Lavan AmSun and includes 35 campmates, all contributing to various roles in the camp’s activities. The United Fuckers Market aims to provide a welcoming and engaging environment for all Burners, encouraging connection and self-expression while adhering to Burning Man’s principles and promoting sustainability.

Join Us: We invite you to join the United Fuckers Market Theme Camp at Burning Man and experience our one-of-a-kind marketplace of human connections, talents, and creativity. Whether you’re a first-time Burner or a seasoned participant, our camp provides a dynamic and welcoming space for everyone to connect, share, and grow together. See you on the playa!