A Unique Experience Seeking Volunteers for Infinite Land Hub

Burning Man: A Unique Experience Seeking Volunteers for Infinite Land Hub

Burning Man is not your typical festival; it’s an event and a temporary city in the desert, where community and creativity thrive. Unlike traditional festivals where friends camp together in parking lots, Burning Man’s camps are the heart and soul of Black Rock City. The majority of attendees belong to planned, registered camps, while Open Camping and Walk-In Camping cater to individuals or groups who prefer not to pre-register. The main event is everywhere, as people contribute interactive, creative, and incredible experiences for everyone to share. Camps are the organized groups facilitating these remarkable experiences.

Introducing Infinite Land Hub

Infinite Land Hub is a central part of this extraordinary gathering, offering a platform for diverse camps to come together, share ideas, and create unforgettable memories. Each camp within the hub has its distinct identity and purpose, contributing to the overall success of Infinite Land Hub and Burning Man as a whole. To achieve this, we rely on the dedication, skills, and enthusiasm of volunteers who bring our vision to life.

We are seeking volunteers in various roles:

  1. Electricity Engineering: Deploy the entire off-grid circuit and ensure the smooth operation of electrical systems throughout the hub.
  2. Sustainability Planning: Reduce trash and emissions, improve resource allocation efficiency, and promote eco-friendly practices within the hub.
  3. Event Organizers: Organize and participate in camp events, ensuring smooth execution during your assigned shift.
  4. Art Installation Builder: Assist in constructing art installations on the playa.
  5. Logistics: Arrange cargo transportation and coordinate volunteer transport to and from the event.
  6. Cooking/Kitchen: Prepare meals for all volunteers, ensuring a warm, welcoming environment.
  7. Sponsors: Provide financial support for the camp and art installations. Sponsors are not assigned camp duties but are always welcome to participate in events.

Desirable skills for all roles include the ability to drive an RV, strong English communication skills, and flexibility to arrive early or/and leave late during Burning Man.

Camp Tickets and Deposits

Due to ticket limitations, we can only offer camp tickets to volunteers who make significant contributions to the camp or art installations. For other volunteers, we will help find a ticket, but the price cannot be guaranteed; direct communication with the seller is required. We will charge a deposit for all volunteers who receive a camp ticket, which will be returned upon completion of their tasks.

Camp Dues

We will charge a fixed camp due (approximately $500-700) per person, covering public site build expenses and part of the food costs. After the event, we will share the public cost, and any leftover budget will be returned to the volunteers.

What We Provide

  • A fun, supportive group of friends
  • Public facilities, including Starlink internet, rest areas, and social spaces
  • A variety of engaging activities
  • Guidance from experienced Burners
  • Essential Burning Man survival knowledge
  • Exciting parties within the camp
  • An unforgettable eight-day adventure

To join us in creating an extraordinary experience at Burning Man 2023, please contact admin@pandyfoundation.org. Together, we will build a vibrant, inclusive, and unforgettable Infinite Land Hub, embodying the spirit of Burning Man and leaving a lasting impact on all who participate.